Last night, my son and I were drawing bees in a hive on his craft table. I gave him markers for the first time because he seems to have gotten the hang of both crayons and chalk now. I really enjoyed drawing cartoony bees. I’ve never really done that before. I made a few sticker bees from a scrap of sticker paper that I had lying around. They will need legs and antennae still, but should be a nice overlay over his doodles at the end.


Zev drawing bees in a bee hive at his art table:


Our finished bee collaboration: 24″ x 32″, crayon and marker. I love how the textures and colors turned out. (I didn’t end-up using the bee stickers, I will mail them to someone who would like them.)

zev bee drawing

Here’s a close-up of one of the cartoony bees.IMG_20150407_174624

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sticks in holes

Zev likes the holes that are the tread on the climbers also. He uses them as a peg-board, collecting sticks from around the playground and sticking them into the holes.


The little climber and slide that Zev’s grandparents gave him for his first birthday.

tot lot chains

A detail on a chain on a Kompan Galaxy playground climber. The climber has these plastic pegs through each link of the chain. Zev is fascinated by them.


Violets (Genus Viola), growing in my garden. I chose them partially because they are pretty edible garnishes for things like cupcakes. The snails haven’t completely devoured them, so they are still nice and colorful. I admit, this drawing was not what I had intended it to be when I started. Zev wanted to draw with me today (his drawing is below). This was a helpful reminder to me to be unattached to the outcome of my work. It’s easy to forget that lesson, some days drawing for me is easy now, but I’ve taught illustration often enough to watch students get frustrated with how their work comes out. Even if its a nice drawing they produce, it’s not the one the student had in mind. It’s important just to draw. I’m glad Zev reminded me of that.

zevs sketch