Arthur started coming up with similar suggestions. For example this brain as a condolence card…
There were going to be others, for example, a picture of several common STD’s in a grid, which you could circle one and send it to a friend. They would have been funny, gag cards. But… after looking at lots of medially relevant reference photos, I decided I just didn’t want to. It was too gross. Apparently, there’s a reason I draw so many bugs and plants.


I made this as a get well soon card for someone who wasn’t feeling well. It was meant to be funny, but a little inappropriate. It’s a cartoon of the human gastrointestinal system.

The card read:
“I hear this piece hurts. Wish it didn’t. Get well soon.”

donner flowers 1

One of the flowering plants I found along my hike in Donner Pass was Elegant Rock Flower, (Arabis sparsiflora var. arcuata), a dicot, it’s a perennial herb that is native to California.

Hi everyone! If you noticed that I didn’t post yesterday, Thanks! I was up at Donner Pass in Soda Springs California. Here’s what it looked like…


I’ve been traveling for the last five days and am glad to be home. I drew a bunch of wildflowers up in the mountains. I’ll start scanning and sharing them tomorrow morning.