imageThis an interactive art and science project. I started it back in 2011 as a way to share my sketchbook. It began while I was traveling in Zambia with another science illustrator and a bunch of peace corps volunteers. I wrote and illustrated a book in a month, when I came back I started sharing my sketchbook online.


I’m a science communicator. I have a BS in ecology and evolutionary biology and a graduate degree in science illustration. I used to make transgenic butterflies, draw bugs for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, develop educational content for Walden Media, and briefly worked in a Federal research lab coordinating cytogenic biodosimetry research. I’m a member of National Association of Science Writers, the Society of Environmental Journalists. I was the Director of New Media for the Guild of Natural Science illustrators for a few years as well as the president of the California chapter.

Mostly, I’m using a sketchbook, watercolor and pens (yes. traditional media) to do silly art things that make me and my friends laugh. Things vary depending on which projects I’m working on. Some highlights include: A webcomic: Axolotl and Tuatara, Hey, Look! A Dandelion!, an insect genetics themed nursery, and An Introduction to Model Organisms. Things also occasionally get textiley. If you want to print and sew you’re own cuddly chambered nautilus, Landsat Data clothes, bee or ctenophona quilts, please feel free to print and use these designs for yourself. My current project is Rhythm and Glue, a narrative-comedy facilitating climate engagement.

Please write in, and Ask Questions!


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