One thought on “Can you read this page?

  1. <div>Test patterns:</div> <div>For a person with old eyes this is a complicated question.</div> <div>As it comes up in my gmail, before I enlarge it, #3 is the smallest I can read comfortably without my eyeglasses.  If I squint I can read #4 and 5.  </div> <div>When I enlarge it, still no eyeglasses, both #4 and #5 are readable comfortably. I don't have a preference. Enlarged #6 – 8 are now readable without my eyeglasses.  The mechanical pencil, #7 looks a bit fuzzy and #8 the sketch pencil looks like ghost writing or invisible ink.  All of the test patterns are visable and clear, except #1, the pencil.  It's faded out.  The 3rd one down, it seems to say something 05 on the side, also has some faded areas.<br> Now with eyeglasses:  Gmail size I can read #6 with difficulty.<br>Enlarged with eyeglasses I can read everything.  #8 is still ghost like.   The test patterns are the same comments as above with and without the eyeglasses. Only now with the eyeglasses I can see some ghostly diagonal cross-hatching in the second one down, at right angle to the main pattern, that looks as though something was smudged or erased.  It seems to me that you might be experimenting in several ways with the appearance of various markings, not just clarity.</div> <div>Hope this is useful.</div> <div>Love,</div> <div>Mom</div> <div> </div>

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