Looking Inland


When I left my house this morning, I biked 30min up the coast, along rocky cliffs to Natural Bridges State Park. I parked my bike and sat down at a picnic table under a grove of eucalyptus trees. The air felt cool and the sky was thick and grey. I sat eating a bagel and drinking tea from a large, glass, antique canning jar. I checked my email on my phone and watched a man jog across an otherwise empty beach. Jenny joined me around 10am, and we explored the tide pools on the edge of the ocean cliffs. She was sharing stories with me about delicious food. We eventually settled into a comfortable spot to sit on the rocky cliffs. Instead of facing the ocean, Jenny was inspired to draw the river that fed into the bay at that point. So we sat with our backs to the ocean and drew the inlet. There was a mother duck and about six ducklings swimming around her in the little pool that formed before the creek fed into the ocean. As we sat and drew, the sun came out and the fog burned away. It got hot and people started gathering on the beach. Families with brightly colored umbrellas and blankets. A seal swam almost up to the beach, body surfing it's way in, and I could hear a little boy yelling excitedly at it, pointing to it to show his dad. When it was hot and we'd had enough sun, Jenny and I went back to her home together and she cooked me egg taco's for lunch.

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