Happy the Fish


I'm visiting my friend Julia in Virginia. While we cooked raspberry pancakes and scrambled eggs for dinner, her fish, Happy, kept us company. He's very attentive and swims over and watches us while we cook. His little fish bowl with blue glass marbles sits on the counter of the breakfast bar, giving him an excellent vantage point for observing mammal feeding behavior.

One thought on “Happy the Fish

  1. Love the one of him watching us while we cook! Thank you for showing me the non scooper way to move him and helping set up his bigger bowl. He is much happier now that he isn’t getting fished out every other week. Ann – you make an excellent point and one the Emily and I debated for some time. We attempted to locate the ovipositor or "ova" but with no luck. Maybe holding a mirror up could be a good check – to see if Happy flares – will let you know how it goes 😉

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