Blue Skies and Fresh Food


Today is beautiful in my community garden. I missed the farmers market yesterday by going to San Fransisco, so my kitchen is bare. It's sad really. I celebrate delicious food every week I'm in Santa Cruz by buying too much food at the farmers market and cooking a feast. So, on my way home from commissioning a new purse/mobile office, I swung by my garden. Now, it's near the end of the season and the garden is winding down, but I still managed to harvest a handful of vegetables, carrots, bok choi, zucchini… Just enough for dinner. The mint is starting to really take off, which means mojitos for drinks. Yay!! That will definitely be a nice surprise for Arthur.

So now instead of being sad, I'm quite excited.

I live out of my purse, for those of you who haven't seen it, my entire office fits into my purse, so getting a new one is a pretty big deal to me. Luckily, at Open Studios last weekend, I found a textile artist, Dawn (, who lives near my garden. Fittingly I found a fat quarter of a garden print fabric so the new bag will be vegetable themed.

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