Garibaldi and The Farallon Egg War


Today’s guest post is artwork from Eva Chrysanthe at meeting in Monterey of the Northern California chapter of The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

Amidst a sea of tea, cookies, and dear friends we had a new face in our group, Eva. She came to share with us her new work in progress, Garibaldi and The Farallon Egg War. This upcoming graphic novel is an exciting, beautifully researched story story of egg snatching and piracy. The damsel in distress of this story is the Common Murre with egg shells so thick that you can dump a sack of them into a bucket, cadmium yellow yolks, and transparent whites that stay translucent even after they’re cooked. If these sound delicious to you, then you might be a starving gold miner in San Fransisco in the 19th Century…

Monterey, CA

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