Charge-Everything-at-Once Device


Arthur and I are waiting in the airport. We're on our way to Australia… almost. We arrived at the airport around 7:30pm, our flight is looking to leave around 1:30am so now we've had 5 hours in the airport and we're still waiting to board. I don't really mind though. We drank some wine, fiddled with our gadgets, ran up and down all of the stairs in the International Terminal, twice. Being married is great if it means you have someone who will run up and down airport stairs with you. When we got tired we sat down to work in an uninhabited boarding area under a flight of stairs and Arthur plugged our gadgets in to feed.

San Francisco, CA

One thought on “Charge-Everything-at-Once Device

  1. Glad to know you two are off to Australia. Cute drawing of Arthur’s device.Hope to follow you in your travels. Have great time! Kitty

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