Dragon Eggs


I took Dramkon to the vet a few weeks ago for a well-dragon check-up. She rode there in a Tupperware box in my bicycle basket. She did not like this. She expressed how angry she was at me for putting her on a bicycle by hissing at me. (which my ordinarily well behaved dragon never does). As we sat together quietly in the waiting room at the vet's office, she calmed herself down and unruffled her scales. Her blood tests came-up odd and she was acting a little funny. I was quite worried about her. The vet started her on antibiotics and told me very strictly to keep her within her ideal temperature range. A few days later she started laying eggs. "Aha!" says the vet, "that explains it!" It's the first time I've ever seen her lay eggs. She got really restless after that. She wanted to run and dig and climb everything in sight. Up and down the space heater, under the bed, up the back of the computer and down the front, through the living room and the kitchen in laps… all day long. I wanted to give her freedom, so to accommodate the vet's temperature request, I chased her around the house with a heat lamp for nearly two weeks.

She has now laid 16 eggs, mostly in the digging box we set-up for her. She looks very tired today. She walked over to her food dish this morning and has spent the whole day lazily munching on chunks of carrots and zucchini.

One thought on “Dragon Eggs

  1. The dish they are sitting in is a glass lid to an antique canning jar. The eggs are about an inch long. Dramkon seems to ignore them after she lays them.My next trip will be to Savannah in July.

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