Sitting in San Lorenzo Park on a sunny afternoon, Arthur and I sought shade to read beneath cork oak trees (Quercus suber). As we read Game of Thrones and watched kids play on the slide, I noticed moths flitting around the bark of the trees above our heads. They seemed to be living in the deeply ridged bark of the trees. By the time our friend, Scott, joined us the moths were getting quite bold. The first one landed on Arthur's shirt and refused to leave, we named that one Mothra. By the time I finished drawing Mothra another dozen moths had settled on us, they were climbing in my pencil case, crawling over my toes and ornamenting all of our clothing. The city arborist, Leslie says, "The moths are California oak moth (Phryganidia californica), they eat leaves & defoliate trees but do not kill the tree,  it is a symbiotic relationship where the tree temporarily loses but will be fine when caterpillars turn to moths."

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