Why we need Science Communication


I compiled a list of resources for science communicators, it’s sort of a summary of my summer reading. My article Why We Need Science Communication was published this morning by Nature Publishing Group. So far it’s gotten enthusiastic reviews.

Thanks to Maki Naro for his beautiful guest editorial cartoon! Maki is a new friend of mine, that I met at ScienceOnline last month. You can also learn a bit more about Maki in a recent interview of him at Little House Entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Why we need Science Communication

  1. Great compilation – your point that writing alone is often not enough really resonates with me. I think videos, gifs, and images are now essential to communicating ideas to the public and need to be incorporated in science communication. A great example of videos done right is the MinuteEarth Youtube channel which presents 2-3 minute videos of climate change issues in an informative, engaging manner.

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