Hard Drive Controller Wallet

Hard Drive Controller Wallet

Arthur is a computer programmer who builds virtual machines. There is usually enough physical redundancy that nothing can catastrophically fail, but once in a while things do. When cascading hard drive controllers fail at Arthur’s work, large amounts of data are lost. He has collected the offending hard drive controllers that have failed him, as trophies of a sort. He asked me to construct a wallet out of them for him. This is the result, it’s made of black canvas and five broken hard drive controllers sewn on like buttons.

Palo Alto, CA

4 thoughts on “Hard Drive Controller Wallet

  1. Having seen the pieces, it’s fun to see the finished product looking so professionally constructed šŸ™‚

    By the way. It’s hard to comment on the post because the Walkabout banner covers the title of the post as well as the comment buttons. I noticed that a tiny section of the post shows at the top of the banner. I scrolled the image up until the comment button appeared in the tiny space, then clicked on it.

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