The quilt is large, so this is the last of the blocks that I’ll share. I wanted to point out a few really creative ones though. Amy Lynne a friend from Maryland designed her own fabric using Spoonflower ( to make this crayfish (Astacidea) block.

The three-dimensional bear, also made by my mom along with the wolf, shows multiple trophic levels with the bear bordered by embroidered plants. The full text of the card sent with the bear and wolf blocks reads:

Ursus americanus and Canis Lupis were good friends. One lived on the left side of their small world and the other lived on the right. Ursus said to Canis one fine night, “come here, come here I’ve found some lovely ripe Vaccinium pallidum for a late night snack and the Pinus virginiana are dropping the nicest seeds from the ripe cones”. “No Thanks,” said Canis joyfully, “ The moon is full and I’m out for a howl.”

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