color test

Color test. My paint kit got stolen traveling around on the Europe trip, I loved that paint set. It was perfect. On a rainy day in London, Arthur and I managed to slosh into an art store with a small number of random half pans. I tossed the best set that I could assemble into an Altoids tin, and until about a week ago, that was my paint set.  Also, the blending pens that I’ve been using for the last few years were from Iceland, which is not exactly a convenient place to drop into for more pens. So here’s my pen test and color swatches for the new set. It might not be final, but its high time I did another color test. The last color test I did for this blog was in May 2011 ( Man, I’ve been doing this blog a long time. A particular thanks to the folks who have been readers along all of the journeys of the last four years.

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