What this blog means to me… I’ve been writing/illustrating this blog for four years now. Why?

The majority of science communication work is by scientists, for scientists. The explicit goal of my work is the cultural integration of science into daily life. Science impacts everything that we interact with, foods, medicines, gardens, the materials in our buildings, shampoo. There’s really no facet of our modern existence that isn’t improved by a better understanding of how the things around us work.

I create this work to draw attention to some of those things.

This blog started as me just sharing my sketchbook. Some days it is still that, but more often than not I find myself designing much more elaborate content. Writing, editing, researching, conducting interviews, designing whole story lines and then coming up with illustrations to accompany it. That takes a lot more time then just keeping a sketchbook.

The science communication work that I’d like to do next is even more involved. I’d like to be producing videos. In fact, me and a few science writers wrote a script for a web series and as the producer I’m trying to come up with financing for the first season.

I’m hoping that the same people who enjoy these sketches (and many more) will come to enjoy the story that we have written. Part of why I’ve continued this sketchbook project is in support of the upcoming film project. So share this work, share it a lot. Tell all of your friends. Visit often and hopefully as a community we can, for the love of science and art, create something funny and informative together.

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