Last night, my son and I were drawing bees in a hive on his craft table. I gave him markers for the first time because he seems to have gotten the hang of both crayons and chalk now. I really enjoyed drawing cartoony bees. I’ve never really done that before. I made a few sticker bees from a scrap of sticker paper that I had lying around. They will need legs and antennae still, but should be a nice overlay over his doodles at the end.


Zev drawing bees in a bee hive at his art table:


Our finished bee collaboration: 24″ x 32″, crayon and marker. I love how the textures and colors turned out. (I didn’t end-up using the bee stickers, I will mail them to someone who would like them.)

zev bee drawing

Here’s a close-up of one of the cartoony bees.IMG_20150407_174624

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