Felt Board Chemistry Lab


For the last three weeks, to my son, everything has been a Bunsen burner. He loved the concept of flame tests. We somehow moved straight from rocket engines to lab burners. Here, Zev has flipped a drawing of a rocket ship that we did together upside down and is now pretending it’s a Bunsen burner.IMG_20170725_165044958.jpg

This lead to questions about what are different types of Bunsen burners? Which led us to a conversation about Meker burners and into a discussion of different kinds of labware. Zev started with a Lego Laboratory set where he was pretending to do fuels research in his “Laboratory.” After adding a few of his own designs for different Bunsen burners:DFJz-ANVYAAPjqj.jpg_large.jpg

We made a felt board together with some of the chemistry lab equipment that he was interested in. This conversation led us from Bunsen burners into: What is a burette? And, how do you do a titration?

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