Rhythm and Glue

EmilyCoren_Rhythm-and-Glue_02_Color copy.jpg

I’m thrilled to share the new concept art made for the television show that I’m writing. This concept illustration was made by the fantastic team at Liberum Donum (Inks: Santiago Calle, Colors Ivar Osorio).

Rhythm and Glue is a comedy-drama television series helps viewers become active participants in climate change mitigation. Project advisors, Max Boykoff and Ed Maibach both recently advocated a narrative comedy approach to communicating climate change in a New York Times article. Comedy empowers communities into action and broadens participation for audiences who are not yet active participates in climate change mitigation.

The show connects viewers with a network of non-profit organizations supporting the actionable behaviors that the audience can take locally to mitigate climate change. Real-time audience participation facilitates a national conversation about how we can collaborate to mitigate climate change. Content creation is advised by a team of subject experts. We are confident that a popular comedy-drama with these elements and approach can dramatically improve and increase climate change mitigation efforts internationally.

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