Dinosaur Week 2015


Somehow I accidentally forgot to share Dinosaur Week here, for the last three years… I think it was because it wasn’t really a planned activity. It started out with me passing out toy dinosaurs as an afikomen prize to the kids after Passover, and substituting a fossilized megalodon tooth for the traditional lamb bone on the Seder plate. The kids got excited about dinosaurs. I love paleontology. It was an easy sell.

It started out simple, and has become an annual family tradition.

In 2015 for Dinosaur week we built a field camp for our paleontology research in the living room and read dinosaur books in our tent with a flashlight. I baked a boston creme pie. We ate it in our field camp. We fed the ducks at the pond near our house and talked about avian dinosaurs.

I cannot recommend enough Dinosaur Rock. I love it.


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