Dinosaur Week 2017

IMG_20170409_155858 copy.jpg

In 2017 Dinosaur Week got bigger.

Sunday: We went boating at Loch Lomond where we read excerpts from Jurassic Park. (The section where the sauropods peek over the treetops, make trumpeting sounds welcome the humans to the island.)


Monday: My neighbor brought us fish bones that she found at the beach. We boiled them clean and fit them onto a chalk fish outline. We learned about neural spines on the top of fish vertebrae. In the evening, we read about dimetrodon’s and learned that the crest on top is a neural spine sail, like on the top of the fish vertebrae. We constructed Dimetrodon Dragon costume for a bearded dragon. IMG_20170410_114059721.jpg

Tuesday: We baked dinosaur cookies with friends. Sybil, the bearded dragon, pretends to be a Dimetrodon.


Wednesday: We used play dough to talk about fossil imprints left in sedimentary rocks. IMG_20170412_131422117

In the evening, we baked a dessert dinosaur diorama. It’s a chocolate cake with a grape jello (agarose) ocean, an erupting cream cheese frosting volcano, candy dinosaur eggs and mint trees.

cake diorama.jpg

Thursday: Friends came over to read dinosaur stories and eat the prehistoric landscape.17862640_10154909210280020_7818720222900570650_n.jpeg

Friday: Chickens arrived in the morning, we talked about how they’re avian dinosaurs. We talked about how both dinosaurs and birds hatch from eggs.


Saturday: We built a volcano, then dyed dinosaur eggs. The kids got to eat chocolate *dinosaur* eggs because it’s now nearly Easter.


Good Toddler Dinosaur Books:
Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff
Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki
The Big, Little Dinosaur by Darlene Geis
Raptors, Fossils, Fins and Fangs by Ray Troll


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